Phrozen Transform Resin Printer

After delivery I managed to do one print of many objects all but one came out very well.

Keep in mind this is not one month old yet.

went to do another print 9hrs. and in the morning only 1 sheet about 2mm thick covering the VAT (Bottom) and another about 1mm thick covering the build platform

So far I am trying to explain this to support and frankly I can put this web page up quicker

This is the first LCD TEST screen

second (TOTAL WHITE) test screen

This is the Third (TOTAL BLACK) test screen

The mask is not masking !!!

Below is the conversation with the "HELP" desk completed 2 TWO print jobs now just a sheet prints David ??: ????????? Phrozen ????| Phrozen ????| ????:?????9:30-18:00 (???????????) ??????????????,????????????,??? Hello David , I am the auto-reply assistant | Phrozen Online Shop | | Phrozen Technical Support | Techology service time: Monday to Friday 9:30am-18:00pm(Weekend, National Holiday/ Day off) We will reply to you in working time, Thank you.

I do not think the LCD is switching on 9:46 AM This is what I get whenever test LCD any switch The preview screen shows correct image (Front) every print does this now

12:04 PM I have only had 1 good print from this 9th of January it was still in customs

Could you please give the test like: Touch these three squares from the touch panel and take video of how it shows on the LCD. Thank you. To inspect your LCD! Then we will do next procedure! Also, please check your FEP film which means did you clean correctly?

This is what I get whenever "test LCD" any switch

I have had for months now anycubic photon I build my own FDM printers

What about you click white square and how it showed?

Third picture

Did you clean your vat already?

How is your film?

Yes and the Vat is not there in this Picture Film is

Still good only 1 print run now this sheet of resin

Ok! What about your image file? Did it display successfully?

Image file shows up ok in the preview screen on the front when printing if only a sheet comes that means the mask is not masking the UV light ?? Please calibrate it again. ?Calibration / Make XL?How to do Z-Calibration on Your Phrozen Make XL ??? / Make XL????Make XL?Z?? ???Z??? - Phrozen Make XL?

No it is a brand New Phrozen TRANSFORM with 1 succesful print then nothing but sheets after that Then,

1) Increasing the curing time of the bottom layer can strengthen the adhesion between the resin and the stage

2) Remove the stage and polish the stage with coarse sandpaper. Roughening the surface of the stage can strengthen the adhesion between the resin and the stage.

3) Add a large bottom plate at the bottom of the model to increase the adhesion between the whole model and the carrier Chat Conversation End Type a message...