The Lerdge board is a Controller Board with 32 bit CPU

It has the potential to be great:

32 bits - it should'nt have a little pause while printing like 8 bits do

Colour touch screen

Just punch in your settings to the screen - no more updating the whole configuration file

So far not as expensive as other 32 bit boards are

Make sure you order the Heatbed kit (External Mosfet) and breakout adapter also to use a heated bed

with a FLUKE multimeter it does not drop below 12 Volts when heatbed is operated

I loaded the 2.0.2 firmware and it has no choice for thermisters only TR is allowed

So I reloaded the 1.0.7 Firmware which does have a choice on the Hotend this allowed the hotend to heat up without the below error message when "TC" sensor was chosen



Latest 2.0.2 Firmware only has the choice of TR thermisters (Hotend & HeatBed)

I have tried to get help from "SUPPORT" but as yet no help.

Now 1.5 months and still has not printed a thing.


Well after 8 Days I received my answer from Support

Please set the hot end protection threshold to 0 in the temperature setting. 

The system prompts you that the current heating power is abnormal and does not 

reach the temperature protection threshold you set.

Sure enough that fixed it.

I thought protection was the Max temp before shutdown but I was Wrong

you may need to manually install the USB driver. You can search the internet for CH340 USB driver

Now to fit the bed levelling and get it printing