General Problems with the Up Mini.

I have purchased an Up Mini to do small precicion jobs.

It did a great job with excellent prints until.......

after about 3 spools 500 grams the thing started to play up.

Please bear in mind the Tevo (Modified Extruder) has done in excess of a dozen 1Kg spools as has the metal Kossel.

The Up Mini stopped printing as a typical nozzle jam.

After cleaning the nozzle (soak in acetone) and disassemble the extruder and cleaned it's teeth

reassemble and cloged again while printing the Raft ie a couple of minutes.

Changed the spool of filament for a new one cleaned all again....clogged again.

Purchased a new heater block complete with a new nozzle, also new filament from Up (PLA)

this one went a little better it printed half the job and then started printing again in mid air

with zero extrusion. retracted filament then extruded without a problem..extruded filament

came out nice and clean like spagetti without curling, I can only assume the extruder motor

just stopped, so i WILL CHECK ALL the conections by making sure each little connector in the

plugs are pressed home. and try again.

I will post here further results.......

The problem is it has done little work really.

The prices of parts are really very high in comparison to other printers

Further after receiving Parts:-

fitted new heat block and nozzle worked for one third print then printing into thin air again..

Ordered new extruder, stepper motor and ribbon cable, waiting now for delivery.

Well here we are after a New Ribbon Cable and then because it mucked up again a new extruder and stepper for the extruder.

Guess What Still mucking up after a short start at printing.

Checked the board on top of the extruder for Dry solder joints. Checked the main board for any DSJ and evidence of heat (excessive) absolutley no signs of excessive heat anywhere.

It must be a main board problem and probably a small part intermittent going hot or something. I will run a fan on it and see if that makes a difference, then it is to order a main board because there is nothing left. ...If it is the new firmware who will I throw it at ???

Because all the parts are expensive by the time I buy a new Main board I have paid for nearly 2 Up Mini printers.

Heat block $127 $70 would be almost Fair

Extruder w new stepper $53 reasonably priced

Hotend nozzle $27 about $6 for most other Brass Nozzles

Ribbon Cable $14 now I have a spare $2 cable

Main Board $265 I will try the Fan first and see if it makes a difference. Aduino $27

some Main boards can be a little under or a little over $100

Current Statis Same as First Time, Prints a bit then click click click of the extruder and prints nothing into thin air.

There are many problems the same as this on the internet with UP mini Printers.

It would be really nice if they could find their design fault and supply the advice and part to fix it? so far they just want me to keep buying new parts most of them over priced compared to other printers

After UP Aust. quoting $495 + GST for a new Main board I gave up.