Try Vaping, after initial purchase of Vapeing Mods etc you will be consuming about $0.50 to $1.oo per Day for your Juice.

Mods should be about 150% of a 50gram packet of Rollies. and you keep it for good.

AS a Smoker from Age 16 to 60 I can tell you Vaping is how to give up smoking. IT really works and you can still get your Nicotine hit and maybe stop the nicotine slowly or keep it going.

Either way they recon it is 95% safer and better for you.

I would agree I feel much better and stronger in the chest for it.

Docs Happy chest sounds good now.

The role of a "MOD" is to supply the Voltage and hold the Battery.
also, how many batteries = (how long between Charges)
also how quick or how little delay from when you hit the button to when the cloud is available.

You get what you pay for here.
If you want to carry it around, you want it small, unless you want a brick to use as a weapon also.

Wattage Setting

each coil should have stamped on it the wattage range.

higher wattage bigger clouds and much hotter Vapour.

lower Wattage gives better flavour

Please bear in mind these little coils glow RED HOT and may need to cool a little between Vapes. If your tank is hot let it cool or it will burn your lips, O.K.

Speaking of RTA - Rebuildable Tank Atomiser RDT being Drip Atomiser.

3/4 IS FULL OK !! Every Tank will LEAK if you fill it to the TOP.

These do the work, also hopefully do not leak, A LOT OF TANKS LEAK !!!

((See Vape Help Page for possible solutions))
A smooth cool Vape without spitting or getting too hot would be great,
I have found only 3 so far out of 8 I have tried.

Vaporesso Estoc Tank  - Great tank
Cubis Pro a bit of spit and hot Vape but it does not leak.
Nautilus X only available above Ohm unless you use the Aspire Pocket X coil and then it is hot Vape.

You need to shake it, to mix up the flavours and not have it leak anywhere.
If you go for flavour the lower the wattage you get a decent amount of cloud is better for flavour
not to mention your battery will last longer.
If you want to chase the cloud then BIG everything is needed.
If your getting a hot tank, your flavours may go OFF.

If you get a really good tank that spits and everything else is great, you may find it easier to get a drip tip.
Some of these have obstructions such as gauze or chambers that allow vape but nothing solid through.
Some are just decrative.

Several mods and several tanks with different flavours is Good. Allows the tanks to cool between vapes
a daytime flavour and a night time flavour is normal, then a mint to reset your taste buds.

Some Useful Links for Vaping Supplies:


Vapetrain flavour concentrates AU

Vapoureyes Australia




Vapo NZ (Great Juice}


SuperVapestore.au {Great Juice}

Sydney Vapour

Victory Vape.au





HARDWARE - Vape Nation AU

Vape Connection Australia

Software download - Joyetech




I would have to say the VAPORESSO is a good Brand for Mods and Tanks

IJoy, JOYTECH, Aspire, HCigar and Last and not Least Sigelei also.

My Favorite Recipe at the moment

50% Black Chocolate 6mg Nic

25% Tiramasu triple

25% Banana Le Creme

10 Drops Choc Cake

Where from..3 different places...

Dark Chocolate



Tiramisu E-Juice


AUS-Banana la creme-VG70-PG30-250ml-Triple


1x Chocolate Cake - 30mls Doubler / 30%PG/70%VG for $15.00 each


Another is :

Dark Chocolate



Waffle and Mapyl syrup

mixed with or without a little mint.

These are available in a CONCENTRATE form from

vapetrain Aus

you will need at least VG pure and a little more PG pure, most of the flavours etc come as PG

you may then mix in some nicotine that you can import from vapoureyes.com.nz

better get some empty bottles you will need a nicotine spreadsheet to work out your nico. amounts go for 6ml of 100% to start. DO NOT TAKE THIS LIGHTLY Nico is a poison and all precautions must be taken !!